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Views on Mainz

Thomas D. Trummer, Kunsthalle Mainz

111 Artists in One Office

Opens Mon, March 23, 2015, 7 pm

A collection of artistic donations

The offices at galleries and museums fall into a different category from the exhibition space. They are working areas for everyday bureaucracy and organization, with neither high insurance or real estate values, nor any aura or discursive meaning. However, spatial hierarchies become more flexible during periods of transition. This, therefore, is an invitation to rediscover space and art. As my tenure as director of the Kunsthalle Mainz comes to an end—and before my successor moves in—I have transformed my office into a temporary exhibition, which will open to the public starting 23 March 2015, at 7:00 pm. The furniture in my office has been temporarily removed, creating space for objects from artists’ workshops to be put on display by Erik Schmelz. The types of items exhibited are random. There are curios, discarded objects, junk, motion or static pictures, books, photographs, films, videos, knickknacks, texts, and many other things. This “collection” embellishes the conventional concept of art and takes a gentle poke at canonized ways of perceiving it. It is about condensed forms and purported use, about improvisation and personal vedute, the forgotten and the outcast, and not least, about a trove of souvenirs, thoughts, and stories.

-Thomas D. Trummer

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