Camilo Restrepo

Historias Locales / Prácticas Globales – Internation Art of Medellin 2015 MDE15

This project aims at creating a moment of reflection and commitment to the recent transformation of Medellin from the turn of the millennium; the theme local / global Practices Stories have that purpose. Medellin is considered a progressive Latin American city that has implemented innovative programs to promote urban and social transformations. However, although the change and transformation of the city are real and tangible, dynamic processes that sustain them are particularly complex from an ethical point of view. To help understand these dynamics, we propose to focus on these processes of change and explore them through works of artists commissioned works and other socially oriented initiatives that can even be inserted into spaces beyond the artistic field.
The MDE15 is inserted into the social fabric of the city and, at the same time, share narratives, experiences and practices elsewhere. As usual in such cases, the physical and social realities that these changes generate induce or stimulate psychological, physical, economic and social responses, ranging from issues of reliability and security to economic welfare. Narratives and stories that emerge from observation and experiences directly from people in communities often address the adjustment mechanisms required to survive and thrive in the midst of these changes, at a rate that exceeds the ability of citizens and societies to assimilate. The MDE15 opens a space for debate will help to reveal the untold and less visible aspects in everyday life, such as memory, the past and the persistence of structural problems, but also the resilience of the city. The project also uses the potential of art to convene and empower individual and collective imagination to resignificar complex situations.
In this context and in an art world that is constantly changing its definition of what the artistic practices, MDE15 has been thought.

Curatorial areas: the selection of artistic practice seeks to reveal, among other things:
The topography and social power dynamics as premises for reflection and intervention in the fabric of the city.
Art and culture as a repertoire of tactics of resistance and reappropriation.
Alternative artistic practices, activism, architecture and urbanism, which address and question established norms and ways of life in the city.

Violence, conflict and memory
Local stories in the global context
The dynamics of power over the body
Hesitantly the institution
Resilient City: dreams, desires and possibilities

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