Natalia Gonzalez Martin - CV + Bio

Born 1995, Madrid, Spain
Lives and works in London

BFA, City & Guilds of London Art School

Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions
Sebastian Bertrand Gallery, Geneva (Upcoming)
Fever of Happiness, Palazzo Monti, Brescia, Italy
Femme a la Toilette, Miart, Sebastien Bertrand Gallery, Milan

A Change (Would Do You Good), Hannah Barry Gallery, London
Las Soledades
, Steve Turner, Los Angeles

Artissima Fair, Torino, Italy (with Galerie Sébastien Bertran)
I saw Something Else Under The Sun, Galerie Sébastien Bertran, Geneva, Switzerland
I Am Unsure As To If It Is Still Alive, Quench Gallery, Margate, England

Group Exhibitions
Illuminations, Steve Turner, Los Angeles
Reverie, Steve Turner, New York
Dreaming of Eden, Timothy Taylor Gallery, New York
Beyond the Veil, Guts Gallery, London
Night Light, Cob Gallery, London

Kiaf, SEOUL (with Steve Turner)
New Mythologies, Huxley Parlour, London
artmonte-carlo, Monaco (with Sebastien Bertrand Galerie)
Portraiture: An Ongoing Story, Sebastien Bertrand Galerie, Geneve, Switzerland
EXPO Chicago (with Steve Turner)
Art Geneve (with Sebastien Bertrand Galerie)
An Ode To Orlando, Pi Artworks, London

Run With The Wolves, Lawrie Shabibi Galerie, Dubai
Tree and Leaf, Hannah Barry Gallery, London
A New Artworld, Guts Gallery, London
Les Dances Nocturnes, East Contemporary, Entrevaux, France
Old Friends, New Friends, Collective Ending, London

Pending…, San Mei Gallery, London
Always Winter, Brooke Benington Gallery, London

Absinthe #3, Collective Ending, London Artsy x AucArt: Best New Now

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Slaughterhaus Print Studio, London
YICCA 2018, Hernandez Art Gallery, Milan
9 Artists, London

Autumn Residency 2021, CobXPLOP, London

2019 AucArt Lab Residency, London

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