Yung Jake

Yung Jake Is Making Emoji Portraits of Celebrities

Beckett Mufson,, January 14, 2015

Emoji Chief Keef, Yung Jake, 2015 via

A frequent pioneer when it comes to culture-jamming web art, Yung Jake very well may #BreakTheInternet with these new emoji portraits of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Chief Keef, and Larry David. Using the emoji paintbrush tool,, the rapper, glitch selfie artisan, and creator of anti-social network, Unfollow, transforms music notes into Kim K’s hair, envelopes into Wiz Khalifa’s teeth, and “index pointing up” emojis into the Seinfeld creator’s chin. The results are at once fun, colorful caricatures and finely-crafted emoji creativity.

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