Hannah Epstein
“God is dead, which is fine, so I see it as an artistic duty to create guideposts in a chaotic darkness” DO YOU WANT A FREE TRIP TO OUTER SPACE? by Hannah Epstein January 5 – February 16, 2019 at
Jamie Felton
Jonas Lund
Leave campaigners call for Photographers' Gallery to be stripped of charitable status over Jonas Lund's project to 'reverse Brexit
Jonas Lund
Campaigners Demand Gallery Lose Nonprofit Status Because of “Reverse Brexit” Project
Jonas Lund
A Swedish Artist Launched a Propaganda Campaign to Reverse Brexit. ‘Leave’ Backers Call It ‘Possibly Criminal’
Jonas Lund
Performance art piece spends four days trying to 'reverse Brexit'
Luciana Lamothe
45 Artists who Left their Mark in 2018
Don’t Miss This at Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2018
Untitled, Miami Beach 2018
Women-Run Galleries Steal the Show at Miami’s Untitled Art Fair
Cohesive exhibition spaces and a sale of masterful prints to benefit a worthwhile cause make this a must-visit stop during Miami Art Week
Claire Milbrath
George Rouy
Review: Impossibly twisted and intertwined bodies fill the paintings of George Rouy
Pablo Rasgado
Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson