Yung Jake
July 17, 2017 Yung Jake presented solo exhibition Caution: Wet Floor at Los Angele’s Steve Turner, opening June 17 and running to July 22. The Los Angeles-based artist, who came onto the Internet scene in 2011 when he became well-known for “his rap videos
Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion
July 12, 2017 by Catherine Wagley Broken phone redemption We can only glimpse clouds floating by through one small, misshapen window on a badly broken cellphone that dangles from the ceiling in Émilie Brout and Maxime Marion’s installation at Steve Turner gallery.
Maria Anwander
Rogues’ Cant. Brent Birnbaum, Maria Anwander, Jen Catron & Paul Outlaw False Flag, New York Eröffnung: 28. Juni 2017, 18-20 Uhr | opening: June 28, 2017. 6-8pm False Flag 25-20 43rd Ave Long Island City, NY 11101 Öffnungszeiten: Donnerstag bis
Maria Anwander
Kuss. Von Rodin bis Bob Dylan  //  Kiss. From Rodin to Bob Dylan Bröhan-Museum, Berlin 15. Juni – 3. Oktober 2017 Eröffnung: 14. Juni, 19 Uhr   // Opening: June 14, 2017. 7pm Schlossstraße 1a; 14059 Berlin (am Schloß Charlottenburg) KünstlerInnen
Carlos Martiel
Fernando Pichardo, Creators Vice, May 29, 2017
Jonas Lund
Djanlissa Pringels, Creators Vice, May 19, 2017
Luciana Lamothe
Place: Contingencies of Use, Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporáneo, 22 June - 29 October 2017
Michael Staniak
Liam Casey, Berlin Art Link, April 22, 2017
Ryder Ripps
Keven Dakinah, Amuse i-D Vice, May 17, 2017
Claire Milbrath
Lucy Jones, Oyster Magazine, Apr 29, 2017
Pablo Rasgado
See you there, April 2017
Adriana Martínez
Jens Hoffmann, Artforum, February 2017