George Rouy
INCOMING ARTISTS: George Rouy The London-based figurative painter putting sincerity back into art
Carlos Martiel
Fake news, contested histories and fluctuating borders: the Sharjah Biennial in pictures
Jonas Lund
For many artists being propagandists has become their raison d'être
Pablo Rasgado
Mexico City – Visual Arts’ New Berlin
Hannah Epstein
During Frieze Week Los Angeles 2019, Steve Turner Gallery presented the second solo exhibition of the Canadian artist Hannah Epstein. Titled “Do You Want A Free Trip To Outer Space?” the show introduced Superchill, the title character in her new comic strip.
Paige Jiyoung Moon
Paige Jiyoung Moon’s solo exhibit, Days of Our Lives, at Steve Turner, Los Angeles, is utterly immersive and compelling.
Hannah Epstein: ‘Do You Want A Free Trip To Outer Space?’ Blending the Tactile and the Digital
For her second solo exhibition at Steve Turner, Halifax-born, Los Angeles and Toronto-based Hannah Epstein has transformed the darkened gallery into outer space.
Paige Jiyoung Moon
Review: L.A. artist Paige Jiyoung Moon’s paintings capture daily life with voracious detail
Hannah Epstein
Interview: Hannah Epstein
Jamie Felton
Jonas Lund
Leave campaigners call for Photographers' Gallery to be stripped of charitable status over Jonas Lund's project to 'reverse Brexit
Jonas Lund
Campaigners Demand Gallery Lose Nonprofit Status Because of “Reverse Brexit” Project