Ania Hobson


ANIA HOBSON Portrait of a ‘flaming’ woman painted by aspiring artist Ania Hobson

Strong and confident, the open ending of women we are accustomed to.

Kim Ah-reum | September 9, 2022

Ania Hobson / Courtesy of Ania Hobson

Women who don’t smile, confident, confident, and full of energy. Looking at Ania Hobson’s paintings, I realized that I had never seen many portraits of these women. Ania Hobson discovered in , a special exhibition presented by Philips Auction in Seoul together with The Artist Room in London. He was named in this exhibition that introduced the works of next-generation star artists working in various countries, and is known for his portraits of young women. In 2018 she won the Young Art Virtual Award from the National Portrait Gallery in the UK.

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