Hannah Perry

Art Brussels 2015 | Our Favourite Works

April 24, 2015


Art Brussels returns this weekend as one of the leading contemporary art fairs in Europe. Around 30,000 visitors are expected across the four days, with a big international draw as 30% of visitors are foreign. The fair offers a mix of established and emerging galleries with a strong emphasis on young talent. The city has also experienced its own cultural renaissance in recent years. This has most notably been in the form of contemporary visual arts. The city continues to attract the attention of new artists, galleries and curators internationally. These are some of the major factors that are re-affirming Brussels status as one of Europe’s most promising art cities. A strong collector’s base in Belgium also makes the fair a desirable location for exhibitors. We’ve selected some of our favourite works from the fair for you to take a look at.


Hannah Perry – Loud Voices, 2015


The artist primarily works in producing short films and live performances. She also creates installations and prints. Her films are created from work she captures herself and work clipped from other sources. She then weaves the images together into an intentionally disjointed experience. The up and coming British artist is on the rise having recently made her debut in the US. Art Brussels marks European collector’s first chance to buy a piece of the artists work. She will be featured with a solo booth at Steve Turner, Los Angeles.

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