Maria Anwander

District Memorial Persecution, resistance and freedom struggle in Hernals 1934-1945


District Memorial Persecution, resistance and freedom struggle in Hernals 1934-1945

Opening: Tuesday, 09.15.2015, 11: 30h
S45 station Hernals
1170 Wien


– Ilse Pfeffer, District Chairwoman 17th district
– Wolfgang Maderthaner, historian and university professor
– Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, City Councillor for Cultural Affairs and Science
– Michael Ludwig, Executive City Councillor for Housing, Housing Construction and Urban Renewal
– Ulli Sima, City Councillor for the environment and animal welfare
– Maria Vassilakou, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Urban Development, Transport, Climate Protection, Energy and Public Participation

Ending with music of Harri Stojka

Competition KÖR Vienna and Bezirksvorstehung Hernals
Monument for dealing with persecution, resistance and freedom struggle from 1933 to 1945
Curator and competition coordinator: section.a

2013 Write KÖR and Bezirksvorstehung Hernals from an invited competition for a monument on the square in front of the station S45 Hernals, dedicated to the work-up of the resistance struggle in Hernals during the Austro fascism and Nazism.

As competition winner the project of Maria Anwander and Ruben Aubrecht was named. Conceived by the artists memorial shows a flip dot display the names of more than 2,300 people in an endless loop. For a few minutes is honored each and every single person and is so for the full range of political persecution and the growing resistance in the population of Hernals in between 1934 and 1945th

The memorial is dedicated to people from Hernals, who were persecuted by fascism, fought in the resistance against him or defended themselves. They came from all political camps, ethnic, ideological divisions and religious creeds. People of all walks of life, who defend themselves against the system of injustice and inhumanity through civil disobedience, sabotage or freedom struggle take, for detention, torture, deportation or death in purchasing. Regardless of their function, position or situation can Anwander and by canceling each of these people the same attention given to be. More than 2,300 names appear separately on two flip dot displays that are embedded in a sleek bracket made of exposed concrete in the forecourt of the station S45. These ads will be visible for thousands of passers-by, who daily frequent the Hernals Station, and a process of reflection on their own allow civil courage and their own behavior in difficult social situations.