Pablo Rasgado

Glass House: Intimacy with Buildings

Glass House: Intimacy with Buildings is a two-day program curated by Jeff Prokash and Danny Floyd exploring the intimate experiences that occur between the built environment and its observers.

Rocío Azarloza, Jeremy Pellington, Joe Bochynski, and David Badesch present works that interweave personal reactions to the mundane architectural settings that stage our lives in the shadow of iconic, historical buildings. For these artists, inhabiting their surroundings, either domestic or public, is a form of studio research rife with emotion, play, and productivity.

Ballroom Projects also welcomes Mexico City-Based artist and researcher Pablo Rasgado as the keynote Speaker for a symposium on November 8 3pm-7pm of talks by artists in the show and from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Opening November 7, 7pm-10pm and running though November 28