Maria Anwander


Opening Reception: November 17, 2015, 7pm
November 18 – 22, 2015
by appointment only
mo.ë, Thelemangasse 4, 1170 Vienna

NOT FOR SALE examines the relationship between an artist and his/her work.
When an artist decides not to sell his/her own work, that work is taken out of the system. The value
of works is no longer defined by price, but by the emotional connection between the artist and his art piece. Additional value is created, and the usual assessment criteria no longer plays a role.

Artists: Maria Anwander, Atzgerei, Sonja Bendel, Matthias Buch, Mikhael A Crest,
Sophie Dvorák, Alexander Felch, Udo Fon, Peter Fritzenwallner, Stefan Glettler, Christoph Höschele,
Earl Jesse, Katharina Karner, Stefan Kreuzer, Abbé Libansky, Anna Mitterer, Jaysha Obispo,
Maria Pavlova, Carlos Perez, Kevin A. Rausch, Christoph Schwarz, Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster,
Nives Widauer, Barbara Zeidler

Curated by Alexander Felch, Maria Pavlova

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