Rafaël Rozendaal

Digital Abstracts

In the exhibition Digital abstractions the development of the abstract image in the digital era is retold. Our presence at the abstract paintings reflect today is dominated by the binary structures of computer systems and is thus in itself abstract. The technological infrastructure is part of our everyday life, our economic and political society and affects our self-image. The abstract structures are disappearing from the perception in favor smooth superficial parallel worlds that enhance our physical world seemingly seamlessly. The participating artists ask for the aesthetic potential of our digital environment. You look behind the surface of the screen and check for errors and omissions in the systems. Transform into their works and make them with the abstract environment, while creating their own aesthetic abstractions that relate to our living environment full of hidden data spaces.

Participating Artists:
Zach Blas, Cyriac, Ted Davis, Andreas Gysin & Sidi Vanetti, Femke Herre Graven, Esther Hunziker, Lazar Jeremic, Rainer Kohlberger, LAb [au], Karin Lustenberger, Alexandra Navratil, Pier Giorgio de Pinto, Sabrina Ratté, Elisabeth Ritschard, Rafaël Rozendaal , Nicolas Sassoon, Quayola, Zeitguised

The exhibition is curated by Alexandra Adler and Reinhard Storz.

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