Maria Anwander

Alle Achtung!

Alle Achtung!

October 16, 2016 – January 29, 2017
Opening October 15, 8 pm
participating artists: Maria Anwander, Aram Bartholl, Wolfram Hahn,
Christian Jankowski,  Nancy Mteki, Stefan Panhans, Pilvi Takala,
 Anna Witt
Curated by: Frank Motz and Ann-Kathrin Rudorf   

Not ideas or even talent but raised, donated and received attention and recognition are the scarcest good and most desirable income, the economic capital and the social, hard currency in the traversed by purely economic considerations of effectiveness, profitability and profitability thinking our society.

The attention economy competes with that of money, both are mutually dependent, overlap and repel simultaneously. In mass media, advertising (attention industry) and pop culture attention is measured as capital factor. In the shortest possible time to produce a maximum attention to the greatest possible space, seems more important than ever in the penetrated by information and communication technologies postindustrial information society.

A concentration of perception and taking possession of the mind (presence of mind) by selective stimulation of our environment is at the inflationary-exuberant visual perception offer our day to an ever-increasing challenge. In the information economy are obviously not the information in which we are drowning, the most valuable source, but the attention is the information makes sense. Money may make the world go ’round, but it is the attention that we sell increasingly hoard to which we wrestle, compete, compete, make a fuss.
As long as we benefit from them, the confrontation with it seems to us void. Do we get on the other hand not enough attention, can be found different syndromes in medicine, from various forms of deprivation, nosocomial or its worst, the Kaspar Hauser syndrome. Human action appears in the context of a competition play for attention, this is from, we wither, life is an ordeal. This is based on the philosophical concept that the human being wants to play a role in foreign consciousness.

Attention increases the self-esteem of man. Social interactions, eg in the context of social network providers to devote too much attention, however, may in turn lead to a morbid burden of social interactions – when people are overwhelmed by the execution of their social relations. Facebook Likes and self-dramatization in blogs, podcasts, Instagram- and Twitter pages, not only visits, circulation figures and ratings are billable indicators of attention.
We do not read more – we fly. Zapping. Click through us. Make quickly a smartphone snapshot. The novelty of messages that used to have a day, “stopped”, now take only a few hours because we have to give the latest news attention again. Georg Franck stated in “economy of attention”: “The attention of other people is the most compelling of all drugs. Your reference stands out from any income. Why it is the glory to the power, so faded of wealth alongside the VIPs. ”

Social media and social control go hand in hand. Only 25 years after the GDR imploded and the Stasi, the craft was placed, we not only leave us – but only for our own safety and because we nothing to hide and we have done nothing wrong – illuminate without protest and monitor, but at any time reached and passed as voyeurs ourselves willingly Intimate, trivial and not so trivial about us on the Internet free to let us know the world, to erheischen attention to be discovered.