Yung Jake



July 17, 2017

Yung Jake presented solo exhibition Caution: Wet Floor at Los Angele’s Steve Turner, opening June 17 and running to July 22.

The Los Angeles-based artist, who came onto the Internet scene in 2011 when he became well-known for “his rap videos that integrate the worlds of hip-hop, technology, social media and contemporary art,” presented a mixed-media installation with 2-D works as well as a truck placed in the middle of the gallery space.

He uses a range of materials, including yellow powder-coated steel panels, found metal, hand drawn, painted and printed works mixed with monitors playing videos, and appropriated imagery from pop culture, consumer products and graffiti. The opening evening featured performances by Kreayshawn, Matt Ox, and Chief Keef and organised in collaboration with Illroots. **