LA Weekly: Best Art Shows to See in LA This Week

5 Art Shows to See in LA This Week
By Catherine Wagley
August 23, 2017

Color coordinated consumerism
The members of Bogota-based collective Carne Gallery gathered the materials for their current show at Steve Turner Gallery here in L.A. Member Adriana Martinez acquired shopping carts and went shopping, filling each cart with mostly monochromatic merchandise: the all-blue cart holds dog treats, Crest toothpaste, Mini Oreos and Pillsbury frosting. Mariana Murcia clamped together iPhone 5 cases and hung them on the wall, then built a pyramid out of bronze replicas of iPhone screen protectors. The show critiques consumerist waste in a ubiquitous way — maybe they found this stuff in L.A., but it would look equally familiar in almost any globalized city. 6830 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood; through Aug. 26. (323) 460-6830,