An Interview with Gallery Director Steve Turner


Through-Line: Drawing and Weaving by 19 Artists

Steve Turner, Los Angeles // July 21 – August 25, 2018

“I deliberately pursue artists from different orbits. It is very easy to only choose artists from one scene or community. I prefer to broaden everyone’s world.”
– Steve Turner, Founder and Director of Steve Turner Gallery

Truly, the current exhibition Through-Line: Drawing and Weaving by 19 Artists at Steve Turner Gallery reflects the words in the quote above. With 19 artistic practices weaved together throughout three rooms, this mind-broadening show doesn’t fall short of this vision. In this interview, Steve Turner gives insights into the exhibition and how it came into being. On view until August 25th. Go get broadened your world!


Steve, congratulations on your recently opened exhibition Through-Line: Drawing and Weaving by 19 Artists. Can you tell us about it? What can visitors expect to see, and how did the show come into being?

Visitors can expect to see works spread out throughout the gallery’s three rooms. We even built new walls especially for this exhibition to maintain a restrained hanging and to highlight affinities between certain works. Through-Line came about during a very active period of studio visits (2017-18) in Los Angeles and New York. I noticed that many painters, sculptors and video artists were incorporating drawing into their studio practices. At the same time, I noticed an increase in the number of artists who were weaving or were otherwise using fiber to create textile works. The use of the line was common within both trends and I decided to combine them in Through-Line.

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