Luciana Lamothe


Solo show by Luciana Lamothe at Galerie Alberta Pane


Going from sculpture and installation to video and drawing, Luciana Lamothe suggests an approach between the body and the architecture highlighting the vital violence that unites these two entities.

Using industrial materials from the field of construction the artist questions the prevalence of function over form which is the fundamental premise of architecture. In her sculptures and installations the ambiguity of the physical characteristics of her materials, with which she has been working for almost two decades, is manifested. The strength and resistance of metallic tubes, of steel or wood plates, of clamps, are pushed to the limit creating a constant tension that ends revealing their ductility. It’s a purely material tension that is charged with meanings when the viewer’s body comes into action.

Luciana Lamothe’s work speaks about action, transformation and revolution shifting between the idea of construction and the instant that precedes destruction. It is perhaps in this moment that part of the force emanating from her works lies. A force capable of perpetuating and enhancing the eternal possibility of a mutation.

In Lamothe’s third personal exhibition at the gallery, a sculpture and a set of drawings reflect the artist’s intention to transform the nature of the materials she uses. The spiral cuts made on the steel tubes of the sculpture reveal the fragility and lightness that characterize the drawings shown next to it.

Born in 1975 in Mercedes (Argentina), Luciana Lamothe lives and works in Buenos Aires (Argentina). After her studies at the National School of Prilidiano Puerreydon Arts (Buenos Aires), she is in residence in Skowhegan (USA), Castle CAC (Córdoba) and Beca Kuitca (Buenos Aires). Her work has been exhibited at the Berlin Biennial (When Things Cast No Shadows, 2008), at Da Maré Museum (Arte in Loco, 2010), at the Lyon Biennial (A terrible beauty is born, 2011), at Appel arts center (Fluiten in het Donker, 2011), at the MACRO (Sabotaje, 2011), at La Maison Rouge in Paris (My Buenos Aires, 2015), at the Montevideo Biennial (The Burried Mirror, 2016), at Art Basel Cities Public Art Program (Buenos Aires, 2018) among others.

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