Kevin McNamee-Tweed

Editorial Magazine

Kevin McNamee-Tweed’s Literature

Photos courtesy of the artist and Steve Turner Gallery

Imagine a comic book left out in the rain—its newsprint pages disintegrating, super-imposing themselves onto each other, soggy fragments of speech blurbs pulling apart from one another. Or a deck of Tarot cards ripped into pieces, disparate scraps as small artefacts—recognizable symbols though their meaning obscured. For his debut solo show Literature, at Steve Turner Gallery, Kevin McNamee-Tweed presents a collection of diverse, multimedia works. Many of these works share the same fragmented qualities of the aforementioned examples—autonomous pieces of an imagined whole. Hooded figures, a mushroom, clutching hands, a whirring, yellow fan—all cast in roles across relief sculptures, paintings, and glazed ceramics. These works seem to function as chapters in a grander narrative, yet feel storied in their autonomy. Literature closes November 16th.  -Rebecca Storm