Petra Cortright

Vision Quest

Doug Aitken’s tech-fueled, all-night, glow-in-the-dark, cross-country, pop-art train ride
Clive Thompson, Wired, August 2013

Petra Cortright, Steve Turner Contemporary, Steve Turner, Doug Aitken, Wired, Wired magazine

“Indeed, lo-res has its own allure. The quirky, fuzzy errors in our software and online experiences have given birth to what’s known as glitch art, works that explore the occasionally expressive beauty of malfunctioning tech. In 2007 Petra Cortright—a 27-year-old visual artist in California—began editing hypnotically weird videos of herself that played up the strange glitches of YouTube. A video would begin with the classic “hey, look at me” laptop-cam shot. But after a few seconds, odd distortions would creep in. Cortright’s arms would elongate, her hair would chunkily pixelate, sections of the frame would seem to move faster than other parts. It became a riveting meditation on YouTube and self-presentation: How much humanity can we express in tiny, janky cubes of video? In tweets? Status updates?”

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