Fabiola Torres-Alzaga

De Fracturas, Discontinuidades y Brechas

De Fracturas, Discontinuidades y Brechas, Altiplano Galería, Mexico City (September 27 – November 30, 2013)fracturas

De Fracturas, Discontinuidades y Brechas invites the public to learn about different forms without the need to categorize them into types or “isms”, so they can be discovered freely and spontaneously, trying to put aside the burden of history.The artists that make up this exhibition are: Juliet Aguinaco (Mexico City, 1983), Oscar Berglund (Stockholm, 1977), Renato Garza (Mexico City, 1976), Javier Hinojosa (Mexico City, 1974), Erick Meyenberg (Mexico City, 1981 ), David Miranda (1977) Alejandro Palomino (Mexico City, 1986) and Fabiola Torres Alzaga (Mexico City, 1978).