Petra Cortright

Too Soon

Perry Rubenstein Gallery, Los Angeles (January 18 – March 1, 2014)
Curated by Santi Vernetti


Perry Rubenstein Gallery is pleased to announce its presentation of Too Soon, a group exhibition curated by Santi Vernetti with works by Los Angeles-based artists Animal Charm, Jeff Baij, Petra Cortright, Sam Davis, Hazel Hill McCarthy III, Marc Horowitz, Dwyer Kilcollin, Spencer Longo, Michael Manning and Jesse Stecklow.

Too Soon is as much a response to prematurity as it is a state of being that explores the territory just beyond a frontier. This exhibition brings together works that engage in various discourses surrounding how images are being made, experienced, appropriated, and recycled across a variety of platforms and devices today.

Artists included in the show are working at the forefronts of contemporary art making and thinking in Los Angeles, and represent a generation of artists collectively investigating the aesthetic and ideological effects of global cyber industries and network technologies on our everyday lives.

The installation occupies the physical gallery space and an online space created specifically for the exhibition. By including works by all artists in both the exhibition’s physical and virtual spaces, Too Soon concretizes the Internet as an undeniable means for experiencing and understanding contemporary art while simultaneously celebrating the artists’ object-based practices.

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