Yung Jake

Computer Cursors Spazz Out in Yung Jake's Video Installation at Steve Turner Contemporary

Susan Cheng, Complex, May 5, 2014

Although Steve Turner Contemporary has provided photos of Yung Jake’s ongoing exhibition at the Los Angeles gallery, you’ll either have to go there in person or virtually visit the show to see and appreciate the works on display.

In the Internet artist’s latest video installation “Yung Jake: Drawings,” his “digital drawings” flare and light up a dark room full of monitors. At first, some appear to be blank canvases. Upon closer observation, however, viewers will find either a solitary computer cursor or a pair of arrows lingering, convulsing, and darting restlessly across the monitors. It’s an uncomfortable sight that just might leave viewers feeling a little uneasy, which is understandable since a twitching computer cursor is never a good sign when it comes to our own computers.

Yung Jake’s solo exhibition “Drawings” is on view from May 3 until the 31st. If you haven’t already, check out his videos on Steve Turner Contemporary’s website.