Brittany Tucker - CV + Bio

Brittany Tucker creates paintings that combine her own likeness with that of a cartoonish image of a generic white man. She misrepresents the white figure in order to address the uneasy relationship between American blackness and whiteness and to offset the stereotype characters from minstrelsy. By rendering herself realistically, she makes herself the primary subject while the white man is the joke of the painting. The awkward situations highlight the growing divide between the races and the sexes in the post-Obama Trump era. 

Born 1996, Brooklyn
Lives and works in Brooklyn

BA, Bard College, New York

Solo Exhibitions
Steve Turner, Los Angeles (upcoming)

Memoir 1, Steve Turner, Los Angeles

Company, Steve Turner, Los Angeles
SPRING/BREAK Art Show (with Four-D), New York

Group Exhibitions
Our World, Steve Turner, Los Angeles
A Show of Hands, SEPTEMBER, Hudson, New York
Black Voices/Black Microcosm, CFHILL, Stockholm, Sweden

Untitled, Miami Beach (with Steve Turner)
Summer Fling, Kravets | Wehby Gallery, New York

Recognize you when she sees you…, September Gallery, Hudson, New York
Saccharine, SoHo, New York
Rent Money, H0L0, New York
I Love You Three-Fifths, Bard College Exhibition Center, Brooklyn
Stickbug Planet, The Glove, Brooklyn

Summer Works, Studio X, Annandale-On-Hudson, New York

Holcomb, Shelley. “Artist Brittany Tucker on What Comes After Representation,” Curate LA, August 26

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