Jonas Lund - CV + Bio

Jonas Lund creates paintings, sculpture, installations and new media works that relate to the art market and which incorporate aspects from the internet, new technology, automation, optimization and data. In 2014, he created a series of paintings that were inspired by the then-current appetite for process-based abstraction and the related trend of speculative buying of such works to flip them quickly for a profit. Each work has elements sampled from paintings by other emerging artists and as well as a GPS tracking device attached to the stretcher bar so that Lund could track its whereabouts. He later created a series of paintings that had text restricting their transfer of ownership in some way, such as “This painting may never be sold at auction” or “This painting must be resold by March 21, 2017.” As a group, the paintings encompass the contradictory efforts made by gallerists who both want to fuel market momentum for their artists while trying to shield them from the damaging effects of quick-profit speculation. In the last few years, Lund has issued Jonas Lund Tokens (JLT), a crypto-currency, and has allowed the currency’s owners to vote on his career path.


MA, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam

BFA, Gerrit Rietveld Academie,  Amsterdam

Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

Call Me Maybe, Unttld Contemporary, Vienna


Cultural Matter: Jonas Lund, Lima, Amsterdam
Smart Contracts, Reflector Gallery, Bern
Modern Solutions Require Modern Problems, Aksioma, Ljubljana
Operation Earnest Voice: Brexit Division, The Photographers’ Gallery, London

N Football, with Alexandra Pirici, Allianz Arena, Public Art Munich 2018, Munich
Jonas Lund Token (JLT), Castor Gallery, New York
Operation Earnest Voice, V2, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Jonas Lund & Timm Ulrichs, Unttld Contemporary, Vienna

Away on Vacation, Steve Turner (online), Los Angeles
Timm Ulrichs / Jonas Lund, PIK, Melange, Cologne
Critical Mass, Galerie Édouard-Manet, Paris
The Internet Express, Panke Gallery, Berlin

Your Logo Here, Steve Turner, Los Angeles
Versus, Växjö Konsthall – Norra rummet, Växjö, Sweden
Fair Warning, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
MiArt (with Steve Turner), Milan

Legacy of the Void, Boetzelaer|Nispen, Amsterdam
Contemporary Gallery, New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen
Strings Attached, Steve Turner, Los Angeles

VIENNAFAIR (with Steve Turner)
Studio Practice, Boetzelaer|Nispen, Amsterdam
Flip City, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles

The Fear Of Missing Out, Showroom Mama, Rotterdam
Curate This,  Van Gelder AP,  Amsterdam

Public Access Me, First Look, New Museum, New York
1,164,041 Or How I Failed In Getting The Guinness World Book Of Record Of Most Comments On A Facebook Post,  W139,  Amsterdam

Selected Group Exhibitions


Neurones, Centre Pompidou, Paris
Algotaylorism, La Kunsthalle, Mulhouse

Link In Bio, MdbK, Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig
Hyper Employment, MGLC, Ljubljana
Stadstriënnale Hasselt-Genk, Hasselt, BE
Significant Other, Bozar, Brussels
Vienna Contemporary, Unttld Contemporary, Vienna
Goethe In The Skyways, Goethe Pop Up Minneapolis, Minneapolis
Uncanny Values, Vienna Biennale, MAK, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna
Blocumenta, Art Space, Sydney
Unselect, Kleine Humboldt Galerie, Berlin
Screen It Video Program, Art Brussels, Brussels
Ich sehe was, was du (noch) nicht siehst, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg
EXPANSION, Ronneby Konsthall, Ronneby, SE
Behind The Screen, KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin
Light-Footed Light-Fingered, The Ryder Projects, London

Proof of Work, Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin
Divided We Stand, Busan Biennale, Busan
Algorithmic Lifestyle, Roehrs Boetsch, Zurich
W&W: Miete, Strom, Instagram, Walch & Winkler, Berlin
Berlin, Zentrum Der Netzkunst – Damals Und Heute, Panke Gallery, Berlin
Supra-Citizenship, The Future of Demonstration, Atelier Augarten, Vienna
Gallery.Delivery, Gallery.Delivery, Berlin
Net Art Anthology, Rhizome, NYC (online)
Drehmoment, Kulturregion Stuttgart, Germany
Hi Munich, Public Art Munich, PAM2018, Munich, DE
The Undisciplined, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin, DE
Ethereal Summit, The Knockdown Center, New York City
A.I. Between Humour, Fear & Utopia, CCA, Montreal
New Lights, Galerie François Léage, Paris, FR
Re/public. Öffentliche Räume in digitalen Zeiten, Polit-Forum Bern, Bern, CH
Pizza Is God, NRW Forum, Düsseldorf
Transmediale, HKW, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Extracting/Abstracting, Steve Turner, Los Angeles
Art Brussels (with Steve Turner)
Stedelijk Base, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Electronic Superhighway, MAAT, Lisboa
When machines are dreaming, Technische Sammlungen Dresden, Dresden
Family, art, work, surroundings, Galleri Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen
Het Zalig Nietsdoen, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen
Foam Fusion, Foam Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam
Nature, Castor Gallery, New York
Searching For Magic And The Distorted Image Falling From Your iCloud, the Dot Project, London
Techno-Optimism / Techno-Pessimism, Plan D, Zagreb
Code Art fair w Copperfield Gallery, Copenhagen
Manifest, Undantaget, Öland
Jardin d’Artifices, La fondation C2, Paris

UNTITLED, Miami Beach (with Steve Turner)
END-USER: Jason File, JonesSmithJohnson, Jonas Lund and Carey Young, The Ryder, London
CODE Art Fair (with Steve Turner), Copenhagen
UNRESOLVED, de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam
Temporary Highs, Bitforms, New York
Electronic Superhighway (2016-1966), Whitechapel Gallery, London

10 jaar jong, VBCN, Amsterdam
Space Program, Steve Turner, Los Angeles

UNTITLED, Miami Beach (with Steve Turner)
artBO (with Steve Turner Contemporary), Bogotá
Unoriginal Genius, Carroll/Fletcher, London
The Moving Museum, Istanbul

Paddles On, Phillips, London
Suchroutinen: Erzählungen von Datenbanken, d21, Leipzig
Il Delitto Quasi Perfetto, Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Milan
The Value of Nothing, Tent, Rotterdam
Do It With Others, Click Festival, Helsingör, Denmark
Art Brussels, Brussels (with Boetzelaer|Nispen)
Return Of Investment, Link Cabinet, Link Art Center (online)
Out Of Office,  Arcade Cardiff, Cardiff, United Kingdom
All at once all of the time, VAMFF, Melbourne
Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam (with Cokkie Snoei)
The Crime Was Almost Perfect, Witte De With, Rotterdam

Momentum, Rewire Festival, Gemak, Den Haag, Netherlands
Dread, De Hallen, Harleem, Netherlands
They Live, Shanaynay, Paris (online)
Lack of Spacial Chance, Width: 700px; Gallery (online)
„local.#non.access, KM Temporaer, Berlin
Unseen Photo Fair, Cokkie Snoei Gallery, Amsterdam
Und alle so yeah, Haus für elektronische Künste, Basel
Public Relations, Moscow
News From Nowhere, Tent, Rotterdam
We See In Every Direction, The Rhizome Download (online)
Run Computer Run, GLITCH at RUA RED, Dublin
Fast Connection Search, IWNY, New York
Festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme, Chaumont, France
Eye, Ear, Hand & Heart, Click Festival, Helsingör, Denmark, BiennaleOnline, ICW Harm van den Dorpel, Curated by Ben Vickers
#FutureMyth, 319 Scholes, New York
OFFLINE ART: new2, Xpo Gallery, Paris
SPAM Cupcake, New York, US
DVD deaddrop 5, Museum of the Moving Image, New York
Paint Your Pizza, Eyebeam, New York

The Paintshow,  Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Prosume This: High Definition, Nimk, BCC, Amsterdam
Projet Octopus #1, (online)
HOT, DVD Dead Drop, Museum of the Moving Image, New York
Temporary Stedelijk (7), (online)
Creative Now!, Worm, Rotterdam
AUSJUNK: JUNK JET NET.HEART SHOW, Ausschank Ost, Stuttgart
Sebastian Schmieg, Anika Schwarzlose & Jonas Lund, W139, Amsterdam
SPAMM.FR #4, (online)
This Click In Time, BYOB, Copenhagen
Transceiver, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha, Nebraska
What You See Is What You Get, BYOB, STPLN, Malmö, Sweden

This Place In Time, Eddie the Eagle Museum, Amsterdam
This Too Shall Pass,  The Second Act, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
Blue Crush, BYOB Amsterdam at W139
Somewhere Else Before, Water Tower Art Fest, Sofia, Bulgaria
Collection Enlargement, Drift Station Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska


Capacete, Rio de Janeiro
The Moving Museum, Istanbul
2012 – 2013
Eyebeam/Baltan Labs Residency, New York / Eindhoven

Performances and Presentations

Alexandra Pirici, Jonas Lund & Harry Thorne, Allianz Arena, Munich
Jonas Lund & Patricia Reed in conversation,  PAM Pavilion, Viktualienmarkt, Munich
Jonas Lund & Patricia Reed in conversation, Spike Art & Public Art Munich, Berlin
Smart Contracts, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich

We Show You What You Want To See, Artificial Imagination, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
Artist Talk, Technische Sammlungen Dresden, Dresden
Mildly Interesting, TU Delft, Delft
Artist Talk, Foam Fusion, Foam Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam
3×3, V2_, Rotterdam
On subversion and beyond: Reconsidering the politics of resistance and interference, Transmediale, Berlin

The Creative Imperative, The 12 Networking Truths, Stedelijk, Amsterdam
Internetional, V2, Rotterdam
Performing Encounters, District Berlin, Berlin
Appropriate and Accelerate – Art Under Algorithmic Pressure, Transmediale, Berlin

SUPERPOSITION Performance & Debate: Art And The Market, Stigter van Doesburg, Amsterdam
Exhibiting The Studio, Fons Welters, Amsterdam
24-Hour Telethon, Rhizome, New York
Scratch The Surface’ icw Gabriel Lester, Superficial Hygiene, De Hallen, Harleem, Netherlands

Seven On Seven, Rhizome, Barbican Center, London
Radio Calling, Tent, Rotterdam
Impakt Festival, Panorama, Utrecht
Test Lab V2, NAI, Rotterdam
Studium Generale, WDKA, Rotterdam
Monetization and Value, Eyebeam, New York

Born Digital, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Unlike Art, Unlike Us, Amsterdam


Prosume This, organized and curated by Kim Asendorf, Anika Schwarzlose & Jonas Lund


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