Kevin McNamee-Tweed - CV + Bio

Kevin McNamee-Tweed has a multifaceted studio practice for which drawing and humor are central. Sometimes he draws on paper; at other times he incises a drawn line into clay, adds color with glazes and fires the clay to yield a ceramic painting; at other times he uses ink, a sheet of plexiglass and a sheet of paper to create monotypes; and at other times, he creates paintings that also incorporate drawn lines. Most of his works are modest in scale, often not much larger than a sheet of paper. But they are not paper-thin. They have depth and weight. His ceramic paintings are like tile fragments and his monotypes are typically mounted to wood which has stained edges. As a result, both feel like books, a category of object that McNamee-Tweed values above all others, including art. Whatever the materials and processes, it is the right combination of humor and beauty that makes his works stand out.

Steve Turner Gallery has published four books on the artist. Click here to purchase. 

Born 1984, Stanford, California
Lives and works in Durham, North Carolina

MFA, University of Iowa

MA, University of Iowa

BFA, New York University

Solo Exhibitions
Saying the Sun, Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville, South Carolina

False Cognate, Tatjana Pieters, Ghent, Belgium
When the World’s On Fire, Institute of Contemporary Art, Chattanooga, Tennesse
Pilcrow, Dutton Gallery, New York

Vessel, Cob Gallery, London
Fiction Workshop, Steve Turner, Los Angeles

Natural Clock, Conduit Gallery, Dallas
TIME IN THE TIME OF TIME, L21 Gallery, Palma de Mallorca
Probable Presence, Steve Turner, Los Angeles

Moon Over Math Town, Harper’s Books, New York
Tableaux Vivant, Steve Turner, Los Angeles

Literature, Steve Turner, Los Angeles
Beret Debt, Devening Projects, Chicago

Already Not Yet, Shrine Gallery, New York
Slow Rocket, 57W57, New York

Little Hawk Field, Rod Barton, London
New Top Old Bottom, Left Field, San Luis Obispo
The End, Bay Space, Portland
Self-Tourism, MoHA, Austin

Handmade Books, The Menil Collection Bookstore, Houston
Bread In North Carolina Butter In Tennessee, To_Bridges_, The Still House Group, New York
100 Views, Lower Left Gallery, Austin

Words, Installation at Austin Bergstrom Airport
Words, Pump Project, Austin
Sherts and Dreams, Las Cruxes, Austin

Karl’s Korner, Bolm Project Space, Austin
Books, Little Berlin, Philadelphia
Books, Co-Lab Projects, Austin

Shit Show, Eleven Seventeen Garland, Austin

Rocks, Big Medium Gallery and Project Space, Austin

Group Exhibitions
ENTER, Copenhagen (with Steve Turner)
Realms, JVDW, Dusseldorf

Chew, Scroll Gallery, New York
Untitled, Miami Beach (with Steve Turner)
NADA, New York (with Dutton Gallery)
EXPO Chicago (with Steve Turner)

Untitled, Miami Beach (with Steve Turner)
Future Fair, New York (with Dutton Gallery)

Our World, Steve Turner, Los Angeles
Essential Goods, Fisher Parrish, New York
ALAC (with Steve Turner), Los Angeles

Sunday Art Fair (with Steve Turner), London
Art Berlin (with Steve Turner)
Enter Art Fair (with Steve Turner), Copenhagen
Free Spirit News: Fourth Dimensional Issues, Melanie Flood Projects and Adams and Ollman, Portland
Summer Soup, Three Four Three Four, Brooklyn
Highway Blues, Underdonk, New York
Power of Ten, Steve Turner, Los Angeles
Art Brussels (with Steve Turner)

Untitled, Miami Beach (with Steve Turner)
Pablo, Cabinet Printemps, Dusseldorf
Swab Barcelona Contemporary Art Fair (with Dutton Gallery)
Spring 1883 (with Dutton Gallery), Melbourne
Afire, Skylab Gallery, Columbus
All You Can See, Rizzutto Gallery, Palermo, Italy
NADA New York (with Dutton Gallery)

Born To Run, Lane Meyer Projects, Aspen
Another Place, Shrine, New York
Spring 1883 (with Dutton Gallery), Sydney
GIFC, The Hole, New York
Eyes Ears Nose Etc Etc, Left Field, San Luis Obispo
Zing Zam Blunder, Harbinger Projects, Reykjavik
Mysticeti: Jonathan Ryan Storm & Kevin McNamee-Tweed, Molasses Books, Brooklyn
All American, PM/AM, London
GIFC, Art Athina, Athens
Part IV, Magic the Gallery, Austin

A Room With a View, Eddy’s Room, Brooklyn
Return Policy, The Still House Group, New York
In Residence, Las Cruxes, Austin

A Little Me Time, The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin
Coming To Terms, Little Berlin, Philadelphia
Bazt, Flux Factory, New York
Desktop Archeology, The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin
Austin Pavilion at Art City

Conspectus, Co-Lab Projects, Austin
AHöM, The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin

A Catalogue, Tiny Park Gallery, Austin
F.R. Etchen Collection, Big Medium, Austin
The Drawing Show, Pump Project, Austin

Farewell, Wardenclyffe Gallery, Austin
Medium Small, Big Medium, Austin
The Monster Show, Domy Books, Austin

Period, Rosenberg Gallery, New York

Residencies and Awards
Mildred Pelter Fellowship

Wilhelm and Jane Bodine Fellowship, Iowa City

Iowa Arts Fellowship
Artist in Residence, Bay Space, Portland

Montello Foundation Fellowship
Artist in Residence at The Range, Saguache, Colorado
Artist in Residence, Montello Foundation, Nevada

Best Work of Art 2013-2014, Austin Critics Table
Best Curation of Group Exhibition 2013-2014, Austin Critics Table

Best Solo Exhibition 2012-2013, Austin Critics Table

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