Rafaël Rozendaal - CV + Bio

Born in Amsterdam in 1980, Rafaël Rozendaal is a visual artist who uses the internet as his canvas. His websites attract over 40 million unique visits per year and his artistic practice also includes installations, lenticular paintings, textiles, lectures and haiku. He has had recent solo exhibitions at Steve Turner, Los Angeles (2012, 2014, 2016, 2018); TSCA Gallery, Tokyo (2010 & 2016); Postmasters Gallery, New York (2013; 2015 & 2017); Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam (2014) and MU, Eindhoven (2015). His works were presented on video walls in Times Square, New York (2015) and have been included in the Internet Pavilion at the Venice Biennial (2009) and the Valencia Biennial (2005). He also participated in Ways Beyond the Internet at the DLD Conference in Munich (2012, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist). He lives and works everywhere.

Born 1980, Amsterdam
Lives and works everywhere

Selected Solo Exhibitions

GENEROSITY, Towada Art Center, Japan
Portraits, Steve Turner, Los Angeles

Convenient, Takuro Someya, Tokyo
Anti Social, Postmasters, New York
LOOP, Barcelona (with Steve Turner)
Art from the Hugo Brown Family Collection, Kunsthal, Rotterdam

Art Brussels, Brussels (with Steve Turner)
Art Rotterdam (with Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam), The Netherlands
Somewhere, TSCA, Tokyo
Abstract Browsing, Steve Turner, Los Angeles

Soft Focus, MU, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Haiku, Postmasters, New York
The Armory Show, Upstream Gallery, New York
Much Better Than This, Times Square Midnight Moment, Times Square, New York
Zona Maco Sur (with Steve Turner), Mexico City (curated by João Mourã and Luis Silva)
On and on, Carl Kostyal, Stockholm

Almost Nothing Hardly Anything, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles
VIENNAFAIR (with Jonas Lund & Steve Turner Contemporary)
Art Rio (with Michael Staniak & Steve Turner Contemporary)
External Memory, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam
Looking at Something, Telfair Museum, Savannah

Everything You See is in the Past, Postmasters Gallery, New York
Cold Void, KK Outlet, Los Angeles
Over Here Over There, Salon 94, New York (video wall)
Seoul Art Square, Seoul

In Motion, W/— Projects, New York
Everything Always Everywhere, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles
Without Hesitation, Tokyo (in collaboration with Calvin Klein Global Creative Director Kevin Carrigan)
Everything Dies, Kunstverein Arnsberg, Germany (curated by Vlado Velkov)
In and Out, Tetem, The Netherlands

New Information, Nordin Gallery, Stockholm
In Motion, With Project Space, New York (curated by Jiminie Ha)
The Shift, W139, Amsterdam (curated by Tim Voss)
To Walk The Night, Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan

Thank You Very Much, Future Gallery, Berlin
Perfect Vacuum, Galeri Pictura, Sweden (curated by Johanna Bergmark)
Broken Self, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York
Yes For Sure, NIMk, Amsterdam (curated by Petra Heck)
I’m good, TSCA, Tokyo

Really Really Big, NP3, Groningen

Flaming Log, Carmelitas Gallery, Barcelona
Piece by Piece, Galeria dels Angels, Barcelona (curated by Marti Peran)

Neen Season, Sketch, London

It Will Never be the Same, Quarantine, Amsterdam
New Rafael, M+R Gallery, London

White Trash, Electronic Orphanage, Los Angeles

Selected Group Exhibitions

Mapping the Invisible, Yebisu festival, TOP Museum, Tokyo
Colour & Abstraction, Textile Museum, Netherlands

Stedelijk Base, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Choice and Chance, Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam
Art Brussels (with Steve Turner), Brussels
Art from the Hugo Brown Family Collection, Kunsthal, Rotterdam
Hello Robot, Vitra Museum, Germany
Cubicles, Foam Museum, Amsterdam
Popular Screen Sizes, JCC Singapore
Insomnia, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm

CODE Art Fair (with Steve Turner), Copenhagen
Seattle Art Fair (with Steve Turner)
Dallas Art Fair (with Steve Turner), Dallas
Digital Abstracts, House of Electronic Arts, Basel

STRP Biennial, The Netherlands
Born Digital, Moti Museum, Breda
Space Program, Steve Turner, Los Angeles

Untitled, Miami Beach (with Steve Turner)
artBO (with Steve Turner Contemporary), Bogotá
Selected Websites, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
Looking at Something, Telfair Museum, Savannah
Illumination, G8 Gallery, Tokyo
Liquid Crystal Palace: Recent Works with Jeremy Blake, Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles (curated by Michael Connor and Nate Hitchcock)

Paddles On!, Philips, New York (curated by Lindsey Howard)
Being in the Wired World, Kawasaki City Museum, Japan
Node Festival, Kunstverein Frankfurt
#FutureMyth, 319 Scholes, New York
Brand Innovations for Ubiquitous Authorship, Carroll/Fletcher, London
Art Brussels (with Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles)
Proyecto Basurto, Steve Turner Contemporary, Mexico City

Mythology Online, Polytechnical Museum, Moscow (December – February 2013)
Seoul Square, Seoul, Korea (curated by Lauren Cornell and the New Museum)
BYOB MOCA LA, MOCA Geffen, Los Angeles (curated by Mike D)
Richteriana, Postmasters Gallery, New York
Dotcom, Centre d’Art Bastille, Grenoble
Nova, Museu da Imagem e do Som de São Paulo
DLD Conference, Germany (curated by Johannes Fricke & Hans Ulrich Obrist)

BYOB: Games, Postmasters Gallery, New York (curated by Paul Slocum,)
Extimacy, CACT, Lugano, Switzerland (curated by Pier Giorgio De Pinto)
BYOB Amsterdam, W139 (curator)
BYOB Tokyo, Tokyo (curated by Yosuke Kurita)
BYOB Venezia, Venice Biennial (curator)
File Festival, Rio de Janeiro
Rhizome at the Armory, New York (curated by Lauren Cornell)
BYOB Paris, Paris (curated by Nicolas Maigret)
BYOB London, London (curated by Kernel)
Rojo Nova Festival, Rio de Janeiro (curated by David Quiles Guilló)
DLD Conference, Munich (curated by Johannes Fricke)

Speedshow/PeepShow, Hong Kong (curated by Hitomi Hasegawa)
BYOB NYC, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York (curator)
Bal Jaune Ricard, Paris (curated by Claire Staebler)
BYOB Athens, Kunsthalle Athena (curated by Angelo Plessas)
Speedshow, Amsterdam (curated by Aram Bartholl)
Happy is a place, Mexico City (curated by Violeta Solís Horcasitas)
Taipei Art Fair with TSCA, Taiwan
BYOB (bring your own beamer), Berlin (curated with Anne de Vries)
Binary Code View, The Agency, London
Kunsthalle Athena, Athens (curated by Marina Fokidis)
Multiplex, Munich (curated by Vvork)
Preferiría (si) Hacerlo, Bogota, Colombia
Texture Maps, Nest, The Hague (curated by Eelco van der Lingen)
Circa art fair, Preteen gallery, Puerto Rico
Better Brain: Projected Manifestations of Futurity, Future Gallery, Berlin
Don’t worry, be happy!, Mama, Rotterdam (curated by Gerben Willers)

The Last Session, Amsterdam (curated by Jan van Woensel)
AFK sculpture park (away from keyboard), Berlin (curated by aids-3D)
Afficha Festival, Moscow (curated by Roman Mazurenko)
Biennale di Venezia, Padiglione Internet, Venice (curated by Miltos Manetas and Jan Aman)
The New Easy, Art News, Berlin (curated by Lars Eijssen)
Are you sure you are you?, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York
101 art fair project room, Tokyo (curated by Kosuke Fujitaka)
Straylight Cavern, Cell Project Space, London
The Real Thing, MU art foundation, Eindhoven (curated by vvork)

Love Delirium, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna
FILE, São Paolo
Rhizome commissions, New Museum, New York
Point of no Return, Rubicon Gallery, Dublin (curated by Caroline Hancock)
The Long Cigarette, 11, Amsterdam
Webcra.sh, Pictura, Dordrecht (curated by Jodi)

Dazed & Confused vs. Andy Warhol, England (curated by Jerome Sans, Baltic Mill)
Existential Computing, Hayward Gallery, London
Much Better Than This, Horsecross, Perth

Neen Evening, Amsterdam
Unlike the Rest, Liquid Room, Tokyo
Neen Demo, Benaki Museum, Athens (curated by Angelo Plessas)
RAI art fair, GMVZ, Amsterdam
Superneen, Galleria Pack, Milan
ARCO Madrid (with Galeria Dels Angels, Barcelona)
Inside Out, fondsbkvb, Amsterdam

Loop of Neen, Loop Festival, Barcelona
Bienal de Valencia, Spain (curated by Franck Gautherot and Seung-duk Kim)
Sonar Festival, Barcelona
It Will Never be the Same, le Magasin, Grenoble, France (curated by Claude Closky)

Neen Porn, Galeria dels Angels, Barcelona
New Masters of UniverseMoCA Taipei, Taiwan (curated by Wonil Rhee)
NeenToday, MU Art Foundation, Eindhoven, Netherlands (curator)
I am Very Very Sorry, Gallery MVZ, Amsterdam

Afterneen, Casco, Utrecht, Netherlands
Neen World, Vilette Numerique, Paris
WhitneyBiennial.com, New York

Biennale.net, Deitch Projects, New York
Tirana Biennale, Albania

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Art Brussels

Pablo Rasgado: Floorplan with works by Diedrick Brackens, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, Adam Henry, Jonas Lund, José Carlos Martinat, Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion, G.T. Pellizzi, Rafaël Rozendaal, Joshua Saunders, Michael Staniak

April 20 – 23, 2017

CODE Art Fair, Copenhagen

Jonas Lund, Camilo Restrepo, Rafaël Rozendaal, Michael Staniak & Yung Jake

August 26 – 28, 2016

Code Art Fair, Code, Copenhagen, Copenhagen Art Fair, Steve Turner, Steve Turner Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Michael Staniak, Rafaël Rozendaal, Yung Jake, Camilo Restrepo, Jonas Lund, Net art, Post-Internet art, contemporary art,

Seattle Art Fair

Pablo Rasgado, Camilo Restrepo, Rafaël Rozendaal, Michael Staniak, Yung Jake

August 4 – 7, 2016

Seattle Art Fair, Seattle Art, Seattle, Steve Turner, Steve Turner Contemporary, Steve Turner Los Angeles, Los Angeles Art, Los Angeles, Camilo Restrepo, Yung Jake, Michael Staniak, Pablo Rasgado, Rafael Rozendaal, Rafaël Rozendaal, Medellín art, Melbourne art, Mexico City art, Amsterdam art, Soylent, Abstract Browsing, Unfolded Architecture, Post-Internet, Net art

Dallas Art Fair

Rafaël Rozendaal, Michael Staniak & Yung Jake

April 14 – 17, 2016
Booth C5


Restrepo / Lund / Rasgado / Rozendaal / Staniak

October 24 – 27, 2014

artbo, steve turner, bogota, los angeles, camilo restrepo, colombian artist, michael staniak, rafaël rozendaal, jonas lund, pablo rasgado, mexico, latin american art, contemporary art


Rafaël Rozendaal & Jonas Lund

October 2 – 5, 2014


Michael Staniak & Rafaël Rozendal

September 10 – 14, 2014

Rafaël Rozendaal, Michael Staniak, ArtRio, Steve Turner Contemporary, Rafael Rozendaal

Art Brussels

Parker Ito / Pablo Rasgado / Rafaël Rozendaal

April 18 – 21, 2013

Art Brussels Steve Turner Contemporary Pablo Rasgado Parker Ito Rafaël Rozendaal

UNTITLED. Miami, 2012

Parker Ito / Pablo Rasgado / Rafaël Rozendaal / Rowan Wood

December 3 – 9, 2012

UNTITLED - Installation view, Steve Turner Contemporary, Booth C32, December 2012