Private: Siro Cugusi - CV + Bio

Siro Cugusi creates paintings that are deeply inspired by the landscape of his native Sardinia and the dreamscape of his subconscious. He juxtaposes tigers, Roman archaeological finds, pomegranates and fleshy forms within lush mountain scenes typical to those of the Sardinian highlands where he lives. Many of his recent paintings have simply been titled “Forest,” a metaphor for the mystery of the human psyche. The unknown is the destination for Cugusi and he uses symbols from the forest to get there. In so doing, he leaves reality behind and bends the rules of the universe. He juxtaposes familiar images with indiscernible ones and combines representation and abstraction to create an alternate world that is poetically tuned and dramatically heightened in which we find ideas, experiences, ideals, sufferings, hopes, myths, dreams and nightmares.

Born 1980 in Sardinia
Lives and works in Sardinia

BFA / MFA Painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Sassari

Visual Arts Workshop, Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts, Genoa

Solo Exhibitions
Steve Turner, Los Angeles (upcoming)

Siro Cugusi, Purple Art For All, Paris
Forest, Steve Turner, Los Angeles

A Saucerful of Secrets, Agencia De Transitos Culturales, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Aleph, Annarumma Gallery, Naples

Secret Garden, Galleri Kant, Copenhagen

SIRO, Lux Art Institute, Encinitas

Group Exhibitions
Our World Two, Steve Turner, Los Angeles

Back Up, Museo Nivola, Orani, Italy
Des – Works on Paper, Galeria ATC, Agencia De Transitos Culturales, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
ALAC (with Steve Turner), Los Angeles

Surface Tension, Steve Turner, Los Angeles 

Like No Other, Annarumma Gallery, Naples
The Ashtray Show West, Belmacz, London
Galleri Kant, Copenhagen
Art Herning (with Galleri Kant),Denmark 

Whet Ya Whistle, Galleri Kant, Copenhagen
Awkward, Anna Zorina Gallery, New York
Alpenglühen: 100 years of Ettore Sottsass Jr, Belmacz Gallery, London
The Island Show, Galleri Kant, Fanø, Denmark
Art Pampelonne (with DB Fine Art), Saint-Tropez 

Siro & Tom Dash, DB Fine Art, New York

Summer Group Show, Mark Borghi Fine Art Gallery, Bridgehampton

Grants, Residencies and Awards
Artist in Residence, Lux Art Institute, Encinitas

I Dioscuri at the Quirinale, National Arts Award, Sardinia

Ouveture 30 Fine Art, Premio Campigna, Museo M. Moreni, Sofia, Italy
V Convegno Academie del Mediterrane, Genova

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