Claire Milbrath: Bathroom Scenes

Steve Turner is pleased to present Bathroom Scenes, an online solo exhibition of new paintings by Claire Milbrath. With this collection of work Milbrath explores themes of love, longing, heartbreak, isolation, intimacy and perversion. Using the bathroom as a psychological backdrop and symbol of intimacy, Milbrath shows her auto-biographical character “Gray” in private, personal moments of reflection. The paintings, color-coded for mood, depict scenes of sweetness, loyalty, companionship and desire.

Claire Milbrath (b. 1989 Victoria, Canada) is a self-taught artist working with painting, sewing, and drawing. Adopting an artistic style reminiscent of naive painters, Milbrath incorporates large swaths of lush color to construct her compositional space, renewing the coloristic tradition with vignettes relating to unrequited love, sexual fantasies and childhood innocence. She has been actively exhibiting her work in recent years in both solo and group exhibitions. Milbrath has had two solo exhibitions at Steve Turner, as well as a solo booth at Artissima Fair, Turin in 2018. She is the founding publisher and editor-in-chief of Editorial Magazine, a print journal on contemporary art.

Lovers are very special people
They're the luckiest people in the world
With one person, one very special person

- "People"
Make Way For Dionne Warwick
1995 Warner Special Products
Writer: B. Merrill
Writer: Jule Styne


Blue paintings reflecting blue thoughts, isolation, loneliness and heartbreak. -Claire Milbrath


Dogs are symbols for loyalty, companionship, pure love, sweetness, and innocence.  - CM

 They wait faithfully and eagerly for their owner to arrive and step into the bath they’ve lovingly drawn for him. - CM


The moment before the dog tears off Gray’s towel, rescuing him from impending gloom we see creeping at his feet. -CM



The orange bath in the pink room is what we all want, true companionship in a domestic space. -CM


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